"If you're ready to make the move from selling things from around the house to generating a consistent income on eBay by working with legitimate wholesale suppliers, then this may be the most important message you'll ever read...


"Give Me 112 Minutes and I'll Show You Step-by-Step How to Set Up Your eBay Business so You Can Work Directly with Legitimate Wholesale Suppliers"

Announcing the audio class that will take you behind the scenes and show you how to set up your business to approach any wholesale supplier you desire.






Re: Setting Up Your Business to Work With Wholesalers


From: The desk of Lisa Suttora, Ecommerce Strategist


Dear eBay Entrepreneur,

It's a fact. Every year thousands of would-be eBaypreneurs prepare themselves to make the leap from selling used items from around the house to running a part-time or full-time eBay business selling new consumer products. But the reality of it is, most of these businesses never get off the ground.

Sadly, it's not due to lack of desire, or lack of enthusiasm. And it's certainly not caused by lack of determination. No, these eBay businesses fail right out of the gate because they were never set up properly in the beginning to do business with wholesale suppliers.

And while you might think that getting your eBay business set up correctly is something that you can wait to take care of, the truth is that every day you delay keeps a roadblock directly between you and your profits.

Here's why...

"In order to make inventory purchases directly

from wholesale suppliers, you must have your business

set up correctly before you make that first contact."

Not doing so will result in an automatic "no" from the supplier - and it can even kill the potential for any future business transactions.

Now maybe you have seen "wholesale" websites on the Internet that beckon to eBay sellers with promises of the ability to buy Nikon cameras and Coach handbags "wholesale" at a base cost of 10 cents on the dollar. They tell you that all you need to do is pay their $29, $79, $99 fee and you'll have access to an unlimited number of brand name products that will make you massive profits.

STOP right there! Because these are not legitimate wholesale suppliers! Once you pay their fee you'll find that they don't carry those name brand products and the products they do carry are selling for a dime a dozen on eBay.

A legitimate wholesale supplier is going to require that your business meet a very specific set of standards in order to open an account and purchase merchandise at true wholesale prices.
And without these things in place, legally they can't even give you a product catalog or pricelist!

So you're dead in the water before you even get started. It's at this point that many eBay sellers don't know where to turn. And because of this, what happens next is even worse....

A new eBay seller picks up the phone, calls the supplier, and boom – is turned down flat in their request to do business. Frustrating as it is, it's really not the supplier's fault – suppliers are in the business of selling products, not in the business of educating new retailers.

But even more frustrating, is that it doesn't have to be this way because...

You Don't Need Tricks, Magic or Secrets to Set Your

eBay Business Up to Work with Wholesale Suppliers,

(and no previous experience required)

But You DO Need to Know Exactly What to Do.

You see, while legitimate wholesale suppliers ARE always looking for new retail accounts - they want to do business with serious online retailers who have "dotted their i's" and "crossed their t's" and come to them prepared with the proper business paperwork. They also want to work with eBayers who present a professional, businesslike appearance.

Yes, these wholesalers are in business to sell their products to your business. But it costs them time and money to open your new account, dedicate a sales rep to your account and send out catalogs and price lists to you on a regular basis.

So... in order to get them to want to work with you, you need to set up your eBay business with all the right paperwork, procedures, and requirements that must be in place before you ever make that very first supplier call.

In addition to the right paperwork

You'll need to "dress your business" properly so it fits right

in with your supplier's other established accounts.

Make no mistake! These steps apply whether you are a brand new eBay seller or an experienced PowerSeller.

(In fact I've seen many Top Sellers who have been able to set up relationships with one or two suppliers, only to find themselves getting turned down by other suppliers because they hadn't put the right business steps in place.)

Don't take yourself out of the game before you even get started. Set up your eBay business the right way today!

First time available to the public!

This critical business building information was only available to a select group of online retailers... Until now.

For the first time you have the opportunity to learn the insider's tips for putting your business on an even par with successful retailers.

This is your chance to finally learn exactly what it takes to set up your eBay business so you can start working regularly with wholesalers to expand your profitability.

After listening to this audio, you'll have the industry insider information on:


The first step you MUST take to "get your foot in the door" with a wholesale supplier. Skip this step and you won't even be able to ask for a product catalog.


Why you can't determine if a product will be profitable until you've taken these steps.


The 7 tools you'll need to conduct business successfully with a supplier. Miss one of these and you'll find yourself coming to a screeching halt when it's time to place an order.


How your choice of business names can work for you or against you when dealing with wholesale suppliers



Discover the one simple step that will prevent suppliers from automatically deleting your emails without ever reading them!


The document that is required for every supplier transaction that most people spend hours trying to locate.


How to make your small home based business look just as professional as "the big guys"


Who the #1 "go-to" guy in your business needs to be and why he can increase your bottom line



The step-by-step process to set up your business with no stone left unturned!


How not treating your business like a business will COST YOU MONEY

How to find out if someone else is already using your business name before you go to the time and expense to make it legal


The steps that will give you the competitive edge in your supplier's eyes


The red flag that will get you turned down flat by suppliers at wholesale trade shows.



"Learned More In Your Class

than in those Twice the Price!"

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the audio class was awesome. I've taken a lot of classes and seminars since I made the decision last year to start my own business. I learned more in your class than I did in most of the other classes that cost $100+. Thank You!

- Donna


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Now you might be asking...

"Who Is Lisa Suttora and Why Should I Listen to her
Strategies on How to Set Up My eBay Business?"



Founder and CEO of What Do Sell, Lisa Suttora is a noted eBay authority. An internationally known product sourcing and trending expert, Lisa has coached thousands of eBay entrepreneurs in building a successful eBay business.
Combining both online and offline retail merchandising experience with an expert knowledge of trending, Lisa provides eBay sellers with comprehensive training in all facets of building an eBay business.
Co-author of the best-selling product sourcing book "What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It" from McGraw-Hill publishers, Lisa is the founder and developer of the ground-breaking E-learning website, WhatDoISell.com. What Do I Sell® is one of a handful of eBay Certified Providers - and the only Provider who offers a full range of training and consulting for sellers.



Lisa has shared her expertise in a variety of venues:

  • A featured speaker on the eBay Live Product Sourcing Panels in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

  • A frequent guest on eBay Radio with Jim Griffith

  • Product Trending Editor for the Entrepreneur Magazine's Product Sourcing Show

  • An eBay Certified Consultant

  • A trusted resource by numerous business publications on eBay business growth strategies including Entrepreneur Magazine and E-Commerce Times

  • The record breaking host of the top-rated monthly product sourcing workshops on eBay.

Now you can benefit directly from Lisa's experience because...


You are Just 112 Minutes Away from Launching Your eBay Business into a New Realm of Possibilities



Why not remove the roadblocks from your ability to work with legitimate wholesale suppliers? With each step you implement, you are one step closer to a supplier's saying "yes"!

It's all here!




"The "How to Set Up Your eBay Business From

Start to Finish" was a great presentation."


Lisa gave clear instructions and advice to follow. You can see she does business in a very professional manner. Thank You so much for all the help and information.

- Blessings Bonnie Fousnought


Here's what you'll get with your instant download:


The 112 minute audio class, made instantly available to you in MP3 format. You can listen to it on your computer or download it to your Pod and take it with you.

A 21 page workbook that walks you step-by-step through the decisions and actions you need to take to poise your business for expansion with wholesale suppliers.



Including all the Steps You Need to Set Up Your eBay Business...


You'll know exactly:


The 4 pieces of paperwork you need to complete - and how to get them pronto! This can save you hours of needless searches.


The bare minimum you can put into your business plan to get started. You don't need all those fancy programs with this information.

The most critical choice you'll make. Get this one thing wrong and you'll have a hard time every buying from name-brand suppliers.


The "checklist" of items you need to prepare you to do business with the wholesale suppliers of your choice. These aren't hard to meet - but forget any of them and your chances of success are cut in half.

The one form every wholesaler needs from you. This one is tough to find without the insider tips you'll get on the audio.



The big mistake most eBay sellers make and why it costs them money in the long run. You'll save time and money in the long run by adding this one thing to your business.


A seemingly "nice to have" item that turns out to be important to your success - both on eBay and for wholesale suppliers. It costs less than $10 to check this one off your list - but it can make you thousands of dollars in profit!


A no-cost technique that increases the status of your company - before you ever contact a supplier.


Banking relations and why they are so important to your long-term success - and how to start on the road the right way.



The payment processing option that every product seller must use.

Why the visual elements of your image are critical to your eBay business success - and resources to get them at bargain basement prices.



The one page that will give you the professional edge with suppliers.

The preferred communication mode for wholesale suppliers - and the tools you need to use it to the max.


Three business office tools that put you on the same level as much larger businesses - helping you make bigger contacts and bigger deals.


The business records the government requires and how you can get started quickly. Turns out it's easier than you've heard to stay within the law. 
Insider tips on working with suppliers at all levels - and what you can expect from implementing several simple techniques.

I Am So Ready For This!  


"Thank you!"

I have always said if only I could find someone trustworthy to help me find a product to sell, I might make some needed money. This has done that.

- Gerry Capodagli



"But Wait, That's Not All!"


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12 Tips for Negotiating with Suppliers


When buying from suppliers you must have the skills to negotiate the best prices. Now you can learn the top 12 strategies for negotiating the best deals with your suppliers in this special report.


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Special Audio Bonus: How to Prevent Supplier 'Stage Fright'!


If you've ever procrastinated on picking up the phone to call that coveted supplier or you've made the call only to find yourself at a loss for words, our secret supplier "stage fright" buster may be exactly what you need to call suppliers like a pro!
Listen as Lisa walks you through this easy to follow process in this special MP3 audio recording.


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"Just What I Needed to Start Up My Business"


I started as many do on eBay, as a buyer, enjoying the search for a good deal on great items. It wasn’t until I had an injury that kept me out of work, did I start selling. I seriously thought of turning my hobby into a real business. Where to start was my question, but I did not know what steps to take and how. This is when I found What Do I Sell®. ...Just what I needed to start up my business! The next week I registered my business, starting locating suppliers...

Brenda Collins




Your Investment In This Exclusive Audio Class
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You Are Covered By the

What Do I Sell®

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Although I can make no income claims or guarantees, I guarantee that you will find the strategies and techniques in this class valuable to your eBay business and practical to implement. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let me know right away and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Lisa Suttora
Founder/CEO What Do I Sell®



Ultimately, your success boils down to one thing...


Treat your business like a business and it will pay you

like a business. Treat your business like a hobby

and it will COST you like a hobby.

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"I'm Getting Great Response From The Suppliers"

I loved the product "How To Set Up Your Ebay Business From Start To Finish." I cannot believe I didn't do this in the beginning. Since I have done that and contacted suppliers in a more professional way, I have had responses like never before! I have set my business up to be a professional business, and in my mind that is now what it is. I am on my way!!!

- Shannon Smith


To Your Retail Online Success!


Lisa Suttora


What Do I Sell.com®
P.S. 72% of Top Sellers are missing at least ONE of these important components in their business! Even if you've been selling successfully on eBay, I guarantee that you will find at least one tip in this class that will increase your ability to do business with a wider range of suppliers.
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